okay so satisfaction huh, you must be all filled with it i guess. oh you are not? but you must have done something that satisfied you right?? ah you wished for more after that.

well isn’t that what usually happens, i mean we all have something in mind and we always believe that something will be the satisfactory point in our life… but then reality hits aaand it’s not really true. but we often hear people being all satisfied and stuff so what is their secret, ever wonder. of course you did because we always want want to know what the “successful” and the “satisfied” people do to reach where they are, they are unique they must have some super powers or something right? yeah well you are wrong there. first off, we all are the same yes even Bill Gates. but you know what’s the difference between you and the “satisfied” person? the TRUTH. they know the truth, yes i am gonna tell you what that is. wait for it…

before we get into all the truth and the serious stuff just know that life is all very simple it is just our minds and the people around us that make it complicated so just take a moment from your hectic crazed up life and learn, just throw out what you don’t like but learn take in as much as you can and you’ll be amazed at how much you evolve. so moving on, are you ready for the real thing.



here goes… so the TRUTH that you need to know is there is no such thing as satisfaction, you hoped for something more astonishing, right? told you.. life is simple.

so this is it because we are humans and no matter how much you have or have achieved there will always be a MORE. you don’t see Bill Gates just stopping and spending like crazy, do you? so the question is how can you be satisfied, attain nirvana or whatever it is that you want. don’t expect me to write steps on how do it, i mean i can but i’m not teaching you how to root your device. i’m just some guy who is sharing things that might just help you.

knowing the truth alone is not enough you have to accept it. accept you can never have satisfaction no matter who you are(yes Batman you too) or what you do because as hard as it is.. there is no top. so once you do accept it just STOP literally and figuratively just stop running guys from your daughter, from your lover, from your family, from happiness, thinking of their’s or your better tomorrow maybe what you need what they need is a good today rather than a better tomorrow. just stay where you are, don’t take the promotion if it means giving up yourself and the ones surrounding you, don’t expand your business if it means no football with your son. just stop and think, all that money, all that headaches  is it all really worth it and believe me i know what the answer will be. i’m not suggesting to like stop working and throwing off the opportunities and just enjoying but to do just enough not more not less just how much is needed. some of you will be like we are saving so we can enjoy in the future and all, well you my friend are THE stupidest kind. really who do you think you are, superman?(unless of course you are the real superman) i haven’t done the research but seriously how many guys do you think actually die per day, thousands i’m guessing. so what makes you believe you can’t be one of them?? hell you might even die while reading this so if you become some ghost or something how are you going to  feel then “pretty smart”, huh? noo, ever wonder why all the ghosts are pissed, yeah. do not do what you think will make you happy or is needed to be done, do what actually makes you happy and is needed make sure you don’t leave this world all pissed and haunt the people in the movies after.

you might not live a luxurious life but it will be a satisfying one. 



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