That girl


shabby she looks

untidy she is

the most beautiful

the most charming

gives my pulse a stop

fairy of that delectable night she is..

her thoughts are ravishing

her heart is even more

brighter than sun

colder than the night

epitome of a soothing moonlight she is..

she makes me feel better

she promises to be forever

a little crazy

a lot sweeter

my friend i call her

but my life she is…


49 thoughts on “That girl

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  1. Hey, I feel the same way about those in my life that I care so much about as well. Wonderful how other people’s words like yours can put a name to what so many other are unaware they are feeling. Thank you.

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  2. This is so beautiful! I love the line “her thoughts are ravishing” because to me the word ravishing is typically used to describe someone’s body or attractiveness. I love that here it is used to describe thoughts and one’s mind! Intelligence is sexy!

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      1. Hey fyi i can’t reach your blog clicking your name. The address you put on account settings must be wrong change it and for now could you please send me a link to your blog

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