heart-368485_960_720again i felt that lightening

racing through my heart

like time took a break

and it all happened again.

birds chirping in their sweetest melody

and it was just for me,

cupid flying by

yet again it was all for me.

yes she got me crazy again

a minute took forever

beautiful this life became

something i thought would never.

oh i could feel her touch

and yes it was divine

she reigned my heart yet again

that girl with the most beautiful smile.

even if she’s never mine

the feelings i have will never suppress

a place in heart Β she’ll always stay

where the door is locked

and the key…. i lost!


16 thoughts on “again…

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  1. My turn, this is a very heartfelt and beautiful poem. You have a way of connecting and making a reader connect. I could actually remember this same situation playing out in my life as if it were going on as I read the poem. So well done. Please do not ever stop writing and have faith and confidence in your skills. ❀

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      1. No one ever said it would be easy, but I do promise it will be worth it if you remain steadfast and vigilant. Take time away when you need, but part of being a writer is that it always pulls you back.

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