I had a dream, I ran, leaving behind My family, my loved ones. I had a dream, I smiled and winked I tried to have my best friend's lover.  I had a dream, I was afraid I saved myself and it killed my brother. I was selfish, I was disloyal, I was a coward, But... Continue Reading →

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A dream

it's like that thing they show on tv or cartoons where an angel and a devil are siting on your shoulder

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A new life

All i know for now is that things have to change and so do i, so starting now i'm going all in and with no turning back i'm starting a new life.

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so hey guys.. i'm back from the hiding or whatever it was. so this post is to apologize to the few followers i have, i promised you a series of post but then i just disappeared. i know i'm an asshole but something just came up and i couldn't continue so i am really really... Continue Reading →

Aspire To Inspire

go visit this lovely blog guys… totally worth it 😀

Cheynoea's Thoughts

In my last post, I explained what I felt it meant to be a writer. At the end of that post, I stated the following:

You dedicate yourself to your craft with your only hope being that you touch at least one other person through your writing. That it affects them and moves them in some form. You desire to spark some emotion, any emotion. Then as a writer, you feel deep gratitude if that person lets you know that your writing has indeed had an effect.

Because of this phrase, and the post, I received the highest honor a writer could receive. I am deeply humbled and as stated in the original post, grateful for the following comment:

Best blog comment ever

blaNk, I would like to give you a shout out along with a formal thank you for letting me know my writing moved and inspired you.

That said, let’s…

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